Monday, February 3, 2014

Out and About

As most of you know, the life of an Innkeeper is a 24/7 job. We try our best to get out and see whats happening in Taos but its not always easy. So, whenever we get the chance, Erika and I head out and show our faces around town!

Just such a chance came about over the last few weeks with a visit of Mark's sister Emma and her new fiance, Luke, from England.

We've been meaning to get over to the recently (well it been open about 6 months now!) Old Martina's Hall in Rancho de Taos, just accross the street from the famous San Francisco de Asis Church. This old hall, recently renovated to a fantastic standard by Martina Gebhardt, is not only a great spot for lunch or dinner (Chef Erica Miller and her team does a fantastic job) but is also a great spot to catch some quality entertainment, in the enormous dance hall towards the rear.

Lunch consisted of the wonderful Rancho Burger (with just the right amount of Mushrooms!), the curried chicken sandwich and an Enchilada that had Luke wanting a second round! They had a fantastic wine list but we all stuck to a glass of the ever popular, Spaten Lager! I would have taken some photo's, but as with any good meal, it wasn't on the plate for long!

So, next time your over in Rancho's taking a photograph of the San Fransico de Asis church (it is after all one of the most photographed church in America!), stop in at Old Martina's and grab a bite to eat, I'm sure you own't be disappointed!

Hacienda del Sol!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Events

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I'd better take a moment to let all of you know whats happening in Taos over the next week.

As always, there will dances at the Taos Pueblo but this year they are a little different! This year, Los Matachines will be performed instead of the more common Deer Dance. Los Matachines is a blend of traditional and Christian beliefs, performed in a masked dance. The last time this particular dance was performed at the Taos Pueblo was 2010, so its not to be missed. Performances will be on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and again on the 26th. Contact the Taos Pueblo on 575-587-2519 for up to the minute information and timings.

There will also be the traditional "Taos Pueblo Procession of the Virgin" and Vespers at the San Geronimo Church as well as the Bonfires, on Christmas Eve (4pm approx start).

Obviously with Taos being Taos, there are also some interesting art displays and workshops to attend. This weekend there will be a demonstration by Taos Pueblo Potter, Pam Lujan-Hauer, of her clay pottery at the Taos Art Museum. This highly regarded potter, attended the Institute of American Indian Arts and was inspired by her Great-Aunts, Josephine Ortiz and Anita Lujan. Admission is free and is a real opportunity to see some wonderful, traditional pottery, up close.

This Saturday (21st Dec) there will also be a performance by two time Grammy award winning flutist, Robert Mirabal.This performance, being held at the Taos Community Auditorium, will be accompanied by dancers from the Jemez Pueblo and will be an evening of traditional flute, dances and song. The performance entitled, "Blue Corn, The Journey" hopes to convey how the culture associated with planting seeds and harvesting them, combined with family, helped him on a new creative path. The performance will start at 7pm and tickets cost $22. Please call 575-758-2052 form more information and tickets.

Obviously, ski season is well underway, and for all you ski and snowboard junkies, Taos Ski Valley has you covered! Starting tomorrow, there will be demo days allowing everyone to try out some of this seasons latest gear. There will also be the 18th Annual Brew Masters Festival! This festival on the 21st, will feature 18 different breweries from California, New Mexico and Colorado! And lastly, the Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade will be taking place just above lift 1 from 6pm!

Hopefully, there is enough to keep you all busy while you enjoy your Christmas here in Taos!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hot Rods in Taos!

Looking to check out some old hot rods, classic or custom cars this weekend? Well look no further that sunny old Taos! 

This weekend we've got the Taos Autumn Run in Kt Carson Park, with plenty of beautiful old cars and some fantastic custom jobs! All cars have to be pre-1979 so there are going to be some real beauties on show.

And don't worry if Cars aren't you thing, because they're also doing a Rock & Roll Dance in the Plaza on Saturday night. 

So get yourself to Taos, stay at the wonderful Hacienda del Sol, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fiestas de Taos

This weekend, its time to celebrate at the Fiestas de Taos!

A weekend full of music, dancing, good food and even better company! Starting on Friday and going all the way until Sunday evening, everyday is going to be a celebrating the uniqueness Taos, along with the patron saints of Taos, Santa Ana and Santiago.

With music ranging from Choirs to Mariachi bands, parades galore, and great local cuisine, the Plaza will be the place to be this weekend. Combine that with some fantastic shopping opportunities, and this is a weekend that should not be missed.

Some come on up to Taos, head to the Plaza and have a great time!

The Hacienda del Sol

Sunday, July 14, 2013

An Innkeeper's Diary - Work and Play

I often get asked "When do you get any time off?"
Running an Inn doesn't leave a lot of room for time off, it's a 24/7 business! But it helps that our Inn is a family run operation, so we are able to give each other time off as much as possible. My parents still work on Cruise Ships so they are coming and going quite regularly. As for Mark and I, we have gotten very good at giving each other time during the day to go off and play for a few hours while the other person watches the Inn. And when you live in a place like Taos, it would be a shame not to! Taos has so much to do all year round, but the summer is when we really get into all the fun activities, and why not, the sun is always shining!

Mark is an avid golfer and is able to play on the beautiful course here at least once a week. He's tried to get me to play too, but I'm usually down at the Tennis Courts at Quail Ridge Tennis and Pool Club playing doubles. We play in a mixed soccer league together in June and July, which is always a good time and utterly exhausting!

What we love the most though is the biking and hiking! I spent this morning riding my hybrid bike along the rift trail. It's a single dirt track that rides all along the rim of the Gorge, beautiful views of the mesa and the Rio Grande River. We also enjoy the road biking in Taos. The ski valley road follows the mountain river as you climb up 2000ft! Mark recently completed the Grand Fondo race, which goes from Taos, up US Hill to Sipapu Ski Valley and back. It was quite a steep 48 miles! The roads are relatively quiet here and the climbs make for a great challenge!

There are wonderful hiking trails in and around Taos. Up in the Ski Valley our favorite hike is to Williams Lake, ending at the Bavarian Restaurant for a well deserved German Beer! If you are feeling energetic you can continue up to Wheeler Peak, 13,000 ft high. The Divisidero hike offers a great 6 mile loop in Kit Carson National Park with great views of the foothills, Mountains, and town. Or you can hike down into the Gorge to the natural hot springs down by the Rio Grande River.

Of course after all that exercise it is always nice to finish our day at one of the great Taos bars. Taos Mesa Brewery has a great selection of home made beer that you can enjoy while watching the sunset or mountain view from their patio. Or the Adobe bar in town has great Margaritas and live music.

Whenever we have a minute free at our busy Inn it's nice to know there is always something fun awaiting us! That's why we love living here in Taos!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Innkeeper's Diary - Breakfast, the most important meal of the Day

June 26th, 2013

They always say, the most important meal of the day is a good breakfast, and that certainly holds true for our Bed and Breakfast!

Not only is Breakfast the time to show off our wonderful cooking skills, but it’s what sets us apart from the hotel chains. At Breakfast our guests get to dine together, socializing and learn what others have done while they’re in Taos. More often than not our guests have come in for a quick bite to eat, and end up sitting and socializing most of the morning with their table. We've had guests that have discovered they live a mile away from each other back home. One guest discovered her and my mom went to the same high school and were in the same graduating class! My mom dug up her old yearbook and found both their pictures. It’s a small world.

Our guests are what make running an Inn so lovely. I am a graphic designer, and I worked for a company in London for 4 years. And as much as I love design, I don’t miss working in front of my computer all day with no one talking to me. My colleagues would often email me work, some days I would go all day without speaking! It’s nice to have people to talk to every morning that are always friendly, and why shouldn't they be, they are on vacation! 

Our return guests are always fun to catch up with, and after only a few visits they feel like old friends. A family that visits us every year from Houston even hosted us for a night when we were driving down to Florida for a friend’s wedding. They even made us a delicious breakfast!

I’m always amazed at how thoughtful our guests can be. Mark and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary today and one of our guests left us an Anniversary card when they checked out!

When we were down in Santa Fe we ran into two of our guests who had just left our Inn the day before. We got to talking and before we knew it we had spent most of the evening in the bar with them. We treated them to the pizza we all shared, and eight months later we received a package in the mail from the two of them. They had sent us four local brewed beers from Seattle for us to try!

So as you can see the guests is what make this job so unique! Come visit us again soon!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rodeo de Taos!

What summer in Taos would be complete without the Annunal Rodeo de Taos?

This coming weekend, its the 45th edition of this ever popular local event, with Steer Wrestling, Calf Roping, Bareback and Bull Riding as well as barrel racing! Set over the 22nd and 23rd (this coming weekend), this should be a great weekend.

So dust off those cowboy boots and chaps (only kidding!) and get yourself down to the Taos Rodeo Grounds and enjoy the fun!

If you’re a little hungry after, Taos has plenty of old and new restaurants to get yourself a well-earned Cowboy Steak dinner!