Friday, June 22, 2012

Horsing Around with Art!

Starting this Friday and running until July 1st, there will be an exhibition focusing on the "Romance of horses and their relationship to humans" at the Stables Art Gallery of the Taos Center for Arts.

This purpose of this show, which including watercolors, oils, photographs and sculptures, will be to support the Equine Spirit Sanctuary (ESS) in Rancho de Taos. The organizers will be sharing sales proceeds with ESS to allow them to continue their good work.

So if you're looking to purchase a piece of art this week, why not drop in and see what they have for you. Not only will you end up with a beautiful piece of original artwork, but you'll also be supporting a worthwhile cause.

Hacienda del Sol.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taos Weekend Highlights

As we said earlier today, there is a rare opportunity to explore the DH Lawrence Ranch this Saturday, but what else is there to do this weekend here in Taos? Here's a few suggestions for you all.

If music is your thing, then tonight's the night for you. Firstly, the Taos Opera Institute (TOI) performs at the Sabrosa Restaurant. With the Cantos de Taos performing, its undoubtedly going to be a wonderful evening. Secondly, Taos Plaza Live continues with The Taxi Dancer and The Unstrung Heroes performing.

On Friday night we have the play, "House of Blue Leaves" being performed at the Metta Theater. This award winning play, written by John Guare, is set in 1965 and uses dark humour, farce and realism to showcase the rapidly changing landscape of America in '65.

Saturday is back to music again with acoustic bluegrass, as well as great margaritas, being dished up at the Adobe Bar and John Carey performing at the KTAOS, with their wonderful beer garden and view.

Sunday is Jazz Night at the Alley Cantina Bar, located in the heart of the Historic district of Taos. There is no cover to enjoy an evening of Jazz!

We hope to see you this weekend in Taos and at the Hacienda del Sol Bed and Breakfast!

DH Lawrence Ranch

As most visitors to Taos know, over the years many famous artists and writers have come through town, many setting up a permanent base in the area.

This Saturday, the 160 acre, DH Lawrence Ranch is being opened up for a rare, free entry, guided tour. To accompany the tour, a talk, hosted by Dr. Katherine Toy Miller, at the Taos Public Library, will educate you on the Lawrence Ranch as well as discussing Mabel Dodge Luhan (an early owner of the Hacienda del Sol) and the Taos Pueblo, USA's only UNESCO World Hertitage Site.

The ranch, Taos Pueblo and Taos Public Library, are all a short drive from the Hacienda del Sol, and the tour will undoubtedly will be a highlight of the weekend.

If you haven't already planned your weekend, give us a call here at the Hacienda del Sol on 575-758-0287, to arrange your accommodation with us and enjoy a rare opening of the Ranch.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taos Opera Institute

Now that summer has arrived, it means the return of the extremely talented Taos Opera Insitute (TOI) for another season of wonderful performances by some of the best and brightest young opera singers around.

Once again, we are happy to announce that the Taos Opera Institute will be finishing their season with a performance here in the wonderful gardens of the Hacienda del Sol on July 1st. Last years closing performance was a wonderful evening filled with songs and laughter, with both the Students and the Cantos entertaining our guests and owners.

In the meantime, there will be various performances in and around Taos, with locations ranging from the Taos Plaza, the Ski valley and various churches.

We only have two rooms left, for what will be one of the highlights of the year here at the Hacienda del Sol, so give us a call and get yourself booked in for the night!

Gerd, Luellen, Mark and Erika
The Hacienda del Sol

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Music!

Now summer is fully underway, Taos' music scene is getting into full swing. Taos Plaza live is running again all summer and local favorites, The Monkey Feeders, entertained Taos last night.

Coming up this weekend we have Robert Belfour and his uniquely hypnotic blues tunes at the Adobe Bar, and on Tuesday, the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars taking to the stage at the KTAOS. Both evenings should be a great experience.

Don't think the great music is just confined to Taos though. If you out enjoying the Enchanted Circle drive this weekend, you'll also stumble across the Red River's River & Brews Blues Festival!A wonderful way to spend a lazy lunch before heading back to Taos for the evening.

All in all, it should be a great weekend of sunshine, music and dancing! So if you haven't already got your weekend planed, give us a call here at the Hacienda del Sol to see what accommodation we have available and have a wonderful weekend!

The Hacienda del Sol team.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


As we're sure most of you are aware, New Mexico does currently have its largest ever forest fire burning in the far South West of the state, in the Gila National Park.

The good news is that every day the hard working fire crews and volunteers are slowly getting the fire  under control. Overnight they were able to get another 8% of the fire contained, that's approximately another 21000 acres! That brings the fire to 30% contained.

More good news is that Taos is still unaffected by smoke and the most recent air quality test for Taos, puts our air at 8.2 out of 10! That means 82% of the States has worse air than us! Not too bad you'll agree. In fact, the air quality index puts most of New Mexico at a good level.

So don't let all the doom and gloom press reports put you off visiting an area that has so much to offer, come and grab some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful blue skies of New Mexico!

The Hacienda del Sol

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May's Guest Comments

Through the month of May, we've had some wonderful guests come through our doors, enjoying the sunshine, views and great food Taos has to offer. Here are just a few of the guest experiences we've had recently.

"Dear Gracious Hosts: THANK YOU for making our stay in beautiful Taos so memorable and fun. We can't wait to return again and see more of this awesome part of the country. My favorite things - Mark's prefect bacon and Erika's warm laugh. It was a pleasure meeting you! " Richmond, BC, Canada.

"We felt like we were at home except for the wonderful Taos feel, food, sumptuous bed, goodies, steam shower, jacuzzi and gourmet breakfasts! Our 17th Anniversary will always be the most special because of the Hacienda del Sol and company! Thank you for the attention to details and your sweet, genuine smiles." Vail, Arizona.

"Taos and its surroundings quickly enter the bloodstream! Thank you for the memorable stay; you are warm and generous hosts!" NY, NY

"There, amid the swaying Willows and Cottonwoods, soothed by the melodious song of a bird, we reveled in its beauty."

We hope these little comments bring back some memories of Taos and inspire you to come and visit us again.