Thursday, June 14, 2012

DH Lawrence Ranch

As most visitors to Taos know, over the years many famous artists and writers have come through town, many setting up a permanent base in the area.

This Saturday, the 160 acre, DH Lawrence Ranch is being opened up for a rare, free entry, guided tour. To accompany the tour, a talk, hosted by Dr. Katherine Toy Miller, at the Taos Public Library, will educate you on the Lawrence Ranch as well as discussing Mabel Dodge Luhan (an early owner of the Hacienda del Sol) and the Taos Pueblo, USA's only UNESCO World Hertitage Site.

The ranch, Taos Pueblo and Taos Public Library, are all a short drive from the Hacienda del Sol, and the tour will undoubtedly will be a highlight of the weekend.

If you haven't already planned your weekend, give us a call here at the Hacienda del Sol on 575-758-0287, to arrange your accommodation with us and enjoy a rare opening of the Ranch.

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