Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taos Opera Institute

Now that summer has arrived, it means the return of the extremely talented Taos Opera Insitute (TOI) for another season of wonderful performances by some of the best and brightest young opera singers around.

Once again, we are happy to announce that the Taos Opera Institute will be finishing their season with a performance here in the wonderful gardens of the Hacienda del Sol on July 1st. Last years closing performance was a wonderful evening filled with songs and laughter, with both the Students and the Cantos entertaining our guests and owners.

In the meantime, there will be various performances in and around Taos, with locations ranging from the Taos Plaza, the Ski valley and various churches.

We only have two rooms left, for what will be one of the highlights of the year here at the Hacienda del Sol, so give us a call and get yourself booked in for the night!

Gerd, Luellen, Mark and Erika
The Hacienda del Sol

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