Thursday, April 25, 2013

Art Exhibitions

This week Taos has two very different but very interesting art exhibitions going on.

The first is the UNM-Taos Spring Arts Exhibition, a wonderful opportunity to view various different types of art created by students studying art at UNM-Taos. Encompassing over 50 different art forms, this show should be a great opportunity to see some up and coming artists from our local community.

The second is the newly overhauled Maria Martinez exhibition at the Millicent Rogers Museum. Maria Martinez was an incredibly influential potter who is credited with "rediscovering" the art of creating the beautiful, "black on black" pottery that is now so identifiable with the San Ildefonso Pueblo. This exhibition will debut on the 28th and be on display permanently.

Both of these exhibitions are only a few minutes drive from the Hacienda del Sol, and will give a real sense of art through different time periods, both modern artistic impressions and more traditional pottery designs.

In addition, the San Ildefonso Pueblo is located just north of Santa Fe, so those driving up to Taos will be in the perfect spot to take in another of New Mexico's famous Pueblo's.

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