Sunday, July 14, 2013

An Innkeeper's Diary - Work and Play

I often get asked "When do you get any time off?"
Running an Inn doesn't leave a lot of room for time off, it's a 24/7 business! But it helps that our Inn is a family run operation, so we are able to give each other time off as much as possible. My parents still work on Cruise Ships so they are coming and going quite regularly. As for Mark and I, we have gotten very good at giving each other time during the day to go off and play for a few hours while the other person watches the Inn. And when you live in a place like Taos, it would be a shame not to! Taos has so much to do all year round, but the summer is when we really get into all the fun activities, and why not, the sun is always shining!

Mark is an avid golfer and is able to play on the beautiful course here at least once a week. He's tried to get me to play too, but I'm usually down at the Tennis Courts at Quail Ridge Tennis and Pool Club playing doubles. We play in a mixed soccer league together in June and July, which is always a good time and utterly exhausting!

What we love the most though is the biking and hiking! I spent this morning riding my hybrid bike along the rift trail. It's a single dirt track that rides all along the rim of the Gorge, beautiful views of the mesa and the Rio Grande River. We also enjoy the road biking in Taos. The ski valley road follows the mountain river as you climb up 2000ft! Mark recently completed the Grand Fondo race, which goes from Taos, up US Hill to Sipapu Ski Valley and back. It was quite a steep 48 miles! The roads are relatively quiet here and the climbs make for a great challenge!

There are wonderful hiking trails in and around Taos. Up in the Ski Valley our favorite hike is to Williams Lake, ending at the Bavarian Restaurant for a well deserved German Beer! If you are feeling energetic you can continue up to Wheeler Peak, 13,000 ft high. The Divisidero hike offers a great 6 mile loop in Kit Carson National Park with great views of the foothills, Mountains, and town. Or you can hike down into the Gorge to the natural hot springs down by the Rio Grande River.

Of course after all that exercise it is always nice to finish our day at one of the great Taos bars. Taos Mesa Brewery has a great selection of home made beer that you can enjoy while watching the sunset or mountain view from their patio. Or the Adobe bar in town has great Margaritas and live music.

Whenever we have a minute free at our busy Inn it's nice to know there is always something fun awaiting us! That's why we love living here in Taos!

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