Monday, February 3, 2014

Out and About

As most of you know, the life of an Innkeeper is a 24/7 job. We try our best to get out and see whats happening in Taos but its not always easy. So, whenever we get the chance, Erika and I head out and show our faces around town!

Just such a chance came about over the last few weeks with a visit of Mark's sister Emma and her new fiance, Luke, from England.

We've been meaning to get over to the recently (well it been open about 6 months now!) Old Martina's Hall in Rancho de Taos, just accross the street from the famous San Francisco de Asis Church. This old hall, recently renovated to a fantastic standard by Martina Gebhardt, is not only a great spot for lunch or dinner (Chef Erica Miller and her team does a fantastic job) but is also a great spot to catch some quality entertainment, in the enormous dance hall towards the rear.

Lunch consisted of the wonderful Rancho Burger (with just the right amount of Mushrooms!), the curried chicken sandwich and an Enchilada that had Luke wanting a second round! They had a fantastic wine list but we all stuck to a glass of the ever popular, Spaten Lager! I would have taken some photo's, but as with any good meal, it wasn't on the plate for long!

So, next time your over in Rancho's taking a photograph of the San Fransico de Asis church (it is after all one of the most photographed church in America!), stop in at Old Martina's and grab a bite to eat, I'm sure you own't be disappointed!

Hacienda del Sol!